1/35 CHURCHILL AVRE Mk-VII Tankdozer

This comprehensive 1/35th scale conversion set by Rob Tearle converts the TAMIYA Churchill kit into the Assault Vehicle Royal Engineers (AVRE) Mk-VII. AVRE's and Churchill 'TOAD' Flails (C066) were designed to clear all obstacles ahead during an armoured assault against fixed defences.

The AVRE Mk-VII was the first AFV to be fitted with the powerful 165mm demolition gun, which superseded the Petard used in WW-2 AVRE's. The most common fitting carried was the dozer fixture fitted to this version*.

The conversion includes all standard fittings, replacement turret with ARV cupola, loudspeakers, cable drums and smoke dischargers, dozer fittings & stowage and other hull details and equipment.  

In addition a number of fine brass etched details are provided to improve the basic kit and for the conversion, and a set of full colour decals with a selection of markings are also included.

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